Trinity River Tour

Trinity River Tour
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In Northern California when anglers think of steelheading they think of the coastal rivers: The Eel, Klamath, Smith, Klamath and the Trinity River. The Trinity is a beautiful and majestic river that has fantastic run of hatchery and wild steelhead, with big Brown Trout. Itís a river that offers silver to both single handed and double handed fly rodders.

Many of us grew up on the river, running high side Willie Boats and walking and wading the river in the snow, the heat and the rain! Itís a great river to experience and a great river to know. The tour will give you just that. You will get to know the river and be assured you can return to fish her on your own with confidence. The one day tour you will spend exploring, analyzing and fishing some of the runs, will increase your self-reliance tremendously.

The tour will cover the basics; access areas, rigging, single hand and two handed techniques and, of course, the flies we fish to fool these great fish. Not to mention Tim Fox will be your host. Tim has countless experience on the river and is a true master of his sport.

Tour fee is $175 per guest for the one day tour - limited to†3 † Transportation, a riverside dinner, beverages, and snacks during the day. Handouts for the tour will include maps, access areas, flies, special setups, equipment recommended and other special features that pertain to the fisheries. A complete list of all equipment needed is attached to the confirmation package. † Guests must possess a valid California fishing license and steelhead card. † Guest need to bring their own equipment and wading gear (equipment can be rented, if needed).