Tenkara Workshop

Tenkara Workshop
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Tenkara is the ancient, traditional form of Japanese fly-fishing. Itís a simple method using only a rod, a line and a fly.

My first experience with Tenkara was years ago when I worked at Powellís Fly Shop. I guided a Japanese gentleman on one of the local creeks. We fished the American style of fly-fishing. After landing many fish and having a great day, he opened up this custom leather case and proceeded to use his Tenkara rod. He showed me how to use it, a guide being guided Ė amazing! As the three day guide trip grew to a close he was gracious enough to leave me his Tenkara rod as my tip.

Tenkara is a well suited method for fly-fishing small mountain streams. Itís delicate presentations, ease of cast, precise cast and being able to place the fly in trout holding areas is terrific. Itís a simple elegance. Our half day Tenkara workshop will introduce you to Tenkara. All Tenkara equipment is provided and only two students per instructor.

Price is $85, if you would like to include the custom Fly Kit please chose that option. Balance is due at the time of the workshop.