Introduction to Two Handed Rods

Introduction to Two Handed Rods
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The “Introduction to Two handed Rods” workshop is for anglers who want to swing flies for aggressive Steelhead & Trout.

All equipment is provided. Instruction will cover setups, lines, flies, drifts and swinging techniques. Casting will be a large portion of this class. Students will learn the Snap-Tee, Single C and Double Spey.

We provide all the equipment for the class. We do encourge students to bring their own gear. Many times we can tune your rod with a complete set of RIO lines. We can make you cast better. Skagits, Scandis, MOWs and Versileaders will be discussed.

We will have Sage Switch Rods, Sage Short Speys and Redington Trout Speys for the students to learn with.

This 1/2 day workshop is taught by one instructor per every two enrolled students. Cost is $120.00 per student.

Rods, reels, flies, leaders, and indicators are all inclusive however, wading gear is not. Students may bring their own equipment if they wish.

Students must posess a vaild California fishing license and a Steelhead Card.