Streamer Workshop

Streamer Workshop
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Streamer fishing is a forgotten art, even though people like Joe Brooks and Kelley Gallop have perfected the technique of fishing streamers for big fish. Learning these secrets will produce more fish and generate a greater understanding of fly-fishing.

Many anglers know how to high stick a nymph or drift a Royal Wulff in pocket water, but fishing with streamers is much more. Streamer fishing is a collective technique incorporating all others; the technique uses dead drift, swing and stripping tactics that are intermingled to anger big fish into striking. Its a true art that once mastered provides another effective tool for any intermediate angler.

Using streamer techniques and landing big fish is what this school is all about. Yuba River will be our classroom for this one day hands on school. Streamer Schools are taught by one instructor per every four enrolled students.

Rods, reels, flies, leaders, and lines are all inclusive however, wading gear is not.

Riverside lunches (hot or cold), beverages, and snacks are provided

Students may bring their own equipment if they wish.

Students must possess a valid California fishing license.