Lower Sacramento Tour

Lower Sacramento Tour
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The Lower Sac is truly an amazing wild trout fishery. The wild trout thrive in the cold water that flows from the bottom of Shasta Dam. The fishery is wonderful, leaving many smiles on anglerís faces and lasting fond memories. Itís a place that an angler can explore, swing, dead drift or even fish a dry. Itís a river that rewards anglers for dedication and hard work. Itís a place to fish and fish and fish.

We will explore the river looking at access areas, boat launch areas and we will discuss the best times to walk and wade the Lower Sac. A mini workshop first thing after getting on the water, going over gear, techniques and rigging.

Access areas, rigging, flies, equipment will be covered. Included in the tour is transportation during the tour, handouts and a hot lunch. Handouts for the tour will include maps, access areas, flies, special setups, equipment recommended and other special features that pertain to the fisheries. A complete list of all equipment needed is attached to the confirmation package.

Guests must possess a valid California fishing license and valid Steelhead Card. Guests also need to bring their own equipment and wading gear (equipment can be rented, if needed).