LGC's Stillwater School at Lake Almanor

LGC's Stillwater School at Lake Almanor
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Stillwater has been a challenging venue for fly fishers for decades. The Lake Almanor Stillwater School is designed for the angler wishing to improve their stillwater skills. Lake Almanor and our own Grayís Fly Fishing School will be our classrooms.

The six hour stillwater course will teach you how to breakdown (transition zones) in a lake. How to pick the right gear, rigging and flies for the technique. We will cover midge fishing and streamer fishing, and of course dry fly presentations.

We will take a small field trip to Lake Almanor and breakdown a shoreline. We will point out areas of the cove with transition zones, this is not "just a look at that" and "do you see that" kind of school. This is a hands on school that students will be designing their own map of the lake.

Itís a great school filled with knowledge, rigging instructions, entomology, environmental issues and breaking down the lake in simple easy to understand methods. This school is intended for four anglers. Guided fishing from 6pm to 9pm. Handouts are provided for the school.

School tuition is $225 per person, limited to 3 students. All information and web links will be in the Confirmation Package.

Guests must possess a valid California fishing license and need to bring their own wading gear.