Lassen Stillwater Trilogy Tour

Lassen Stillwater Trilogy Tour
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At the foot of Mount Lassen are three pieces of stillwater that have become synonymous with fly-fishing. The Lassen Stillwater Trilogy Tour is a combination of these three great stillwaters; Lake McCumber, North Battle Creek Reservoir and Manzanita Lake. The lakes are true fly-fishing gems.

Lake McCumber sits below Lassen Volcanic National Park, just north of Highway 44. Itís a shallow lake with channels flowing through it. Weed beds add structure for many types of insects to hide and populate, and gives great cover to trout. A great late winter and spring fishery.

Manzanita Lake sits just inside the Lassen Volcanic National Park. It is a wonderland for trout and fly-fishers. The lake has deep holes lined with weed beds and Manzanita islands spread throughout the lake. Logs, structure and crystal clear water awaits the angler. this lake is world famous, with amazing Carpenter Ant, Callibaetis and the Motorboat Caddis hatches to fuel the trout and fly-fishers dreams.

North Battle Creek Reservoir sits just North of Highway 44. McCumber, Manzanita and it form a triangle. This lake is a beautiful lake with old growth forest surrounding it. Rainbows and browns are found in the lake.

This two day tour will consist of access areas, hatches, rigging, fly selection and time spent fishing the waters. Tour fee is $325 per guest for the two day tour. Limited to 3 anglers.

Transportation is included, Lassen Volcanic National Park fees are not. A lakeside lunch, beverages, and snacks are included during the two day event. Handouts for the tour will include maps, access areas, flies, special setups, equipment recommended and other special features that pertain to the fisheries. A complete list of all equipment needed is attached to the confirmation package.

Guests must possess a valid California fishing license.

Guest need to bring their own equipment including pontoon, float tubes and other watercraft and wading gear (equipment can be borrowed, if needed).