Lassen Volcanic National Park Fly Kit

Lassen Volcanic National Park Fly Kit
Item# lassen-volcanic-national-park-fly-kit
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Product Description

2 each - 22 flies total, 1 LGC Fly Box and 2 LGC Indicators ½”

Lance’s Carpenter Ant Size 12

Tiger Midge BH Black Size 18

Tiger Midge BH Red Size 18

Sparkle Dun Gray Size 16

Lance's X-May Olive BH Size 16

Lance's X-May Callibeatis Size 16

J.Fair's Wiggle Tail Olive Size 10

WD 40 Black Size 18

Denny's Seal Bugger Olive/Orange Size 10

Elk Hair Caddis Tan Size 16

Adams Parachute Size 16