Lake Almanor Tour

Lake Almanor Tour
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This tour is very close to us at Lance Gray & Company, we absolutely love this area. We have fished it for decades and every time we return, it is like stepping back in time. The tour will cover special water: Deer Creek, Butt Creek, Butt Valley Reservoir, Lake Almanor, Warren Creek, North Fork of the Feather and others. We will fish stunning water. Lance Gray will be the host for the trip. What makes this trip so great is the anglers will have a chance to fish the Hexagenia hatch on both Lake Almanor and Butt Valley. In addition the the Golden Stones will be active on the freestones.

Casting a huge Hexagenia dry fly on Almanor or Butt to wary trout is one of the ultimate fly-fishing experiences. The tour will cover access areas, flies, and techniques, special concerns of the water, fishing and maybe a story here and there.

Price is $390.00, deposit is $195.00, if you would like to include the custom Fly Kit please chose that option. Balance is due at the time of tour.