Years ago, when I was a teenager, I started to attend club meetings of the Chico Area Flyfishers. I was just a young kid trying to learn as much as I could about fly-fishing. I had many members take me under their wings and many became my mentors for years to come Tom Peppas, Alan Clements, Press Powell and others. It also allowed me to make lifelong friends and fishing cronies.

I am still a member of that same club today. In fact, I am a board member and along with Kirsten, we support and donate our time to foster the sport of fly-fishing for new members just as the members did for me 25-something years ago.

Kirsten and I are no strangers to helping, not just with our club, but we help other clubs with donations and club functions. To better assist fly clubs to provide services to their members, we have designed a program to assist in furnishing fly-fishing clinics and tours.

Our contact information

Lance Gray & Company
PO Box 962
1079 Northgate Drive
Willows, CA 95988
ph: 530-517-2204

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