B/C Dropper Hopper
Bill Carnazzo's Skwala
Bird's Nest
Blood Midge Adult
Blood Midges
Bob Quigley's Marabou Emerger March Brown
Bomber Black & Copper
Bomber Black & Red
Bomber Black & Red Tinsel
Bomber Black & Silver
Bomber Maroon
Butt Lake Guided Trip
CDC Parachute Spinner Pinkie
CDC Thorax March Brown
CDC Thorax Pink Albert
Deer Hair Ant
Depth Setter
Dry Flies
Dry Fly Workshop
Dry Fly Workshop Fly Kit
Entomology & Eggology Workshop
Feather River Drift Boat Trip
Feather River Steelhead Fly Kit
Feather River Steelhead Tour
Flashtail Minnow Baby Pearch
Flashtail Minnow Pike Minnow
Flashtail Minnow Rainbow
Float & Flies
Float & Fly Shad
Float and Fly Chartreuse
Float and Fly Crappie
Float and Fly Morning Dawn
Float and Fly Olive
Float and Fly Sexy Shad
Fly Fishing Tours
Fly Kits
Fox's Caddis Poopah Cinnamon
Fox's Caddis Poopah Olive
Fox's Caddis Poopahs
Gray's Indicator Leader
Gray's Balanced Hex
Gray's Indicator
Guided Trips
Hex Hatch Fly Kit
Hex Hatch Tour at Lake Almanor
Hexagenia Flies
Introduction to Two Handed Rods
Jensen's Stillwater Bird's Nest Olive
Jigged Frenchie
Jigged Nymphs
Jigged Peaches & Cream
Lake Almanor Guided Trip
Lake Almanor Hex Hatch 1 on 1 with Lance
Lake Almanor Tour
Lance's Black Sabbath
Lance's Bullet Head Stone Golden Stone
Lance's Bullet Head Stone Salmon Fly
Lance's Bullet Head Stones
Lance's Caddis'
Lance's Deep Charge Nest Brown
Lance's Deep Charge Nest Olive
Lance's Grannom Bird's Nest
Lance's Hex Bugger
Lance's Hex Nymph
Lance's Hi-Vis Adult Hex
Lance's Hi-Vis Loopwing Hex Paranymph
Lance's Hydropsyche Bird's Nest
Lance's Jigged Awakening Caddis
Lance's Jigged Ice Tea
Lance's Jigged Rubber Leg Skwala
Lance's Jigged Tiger Midge Black
Lance's Jigged Tiger Midge Claret
Lance's Jigged Tiger Midge Red
Lance's No Name Beatis
Lance's No Name PMD
Lance's Rhyacophila Bird's Nest
Lance's Rio Grande King
Lance's Swimming Black AP
Lance's Swinging Nest Black
Lance's Swinging Nest Brown
Lance's Swinging Nest Olive
Lance's X-May Black
Lance's X-May Brown
Lance's X-May Callibeatis Nymph
Lance's X-May Emerger Black
Lance's X-May Emerger Brown
Lance's X-May Emerger Gray
Lance's X-May Emerger Olive
Lance's X-May Emergers
Lance's X-May Gray
Lance's X-May Light Olive
Lance's X-May Olive
Lance's X-May PMD
Lance's X-May Red
Lance's X-Mays
Lance's Yuba River Caddis
Lance's Yuba River Caddis Brown
Lance's Yuba River Caddis Olive
Lance's Yuba River Caddis Tan
Lincoln's Stillborn Hex
Lower Sac Fly Kit
Lower Sacramento River Drift Boat Trip
Lower Sacramento Tour
Manzanita Lake Fly Kit
Manzanita Lake Guided Trip
Manzanita Lake Tour
March Brown Cripple
March Browns
Micro Muddled Euphoria Brown
Milt's Black Bird's Nest
Milt's Floating Pond Smelt
Milt's Hex Nymph
Milt's Hex Paranymph
Mr. Skwala Unit
Mrs. Skwala Unit
Muddled Euphoria Brown
Nymph Workshop Kit
Nymphing Workshop
Our Flies
Parachute March Brown
Pocket Water Favorites
Pontoon Workshop
Soft Hackles & Muddlers
Steelhead School
Streamer Workshop
Streamer Workshop Kit
Streamside Accessories
Striper Flies
Sweet Pea
Switch and Spey Rod School
Tenkara Workshop
Terry's Mini Hex Nymph
Thurman's Jigged Nest Black
Thurman's Jigged Nest Brown
Thurman's Jigged Nest Olive
Thurman's Jigged Nest Red Head
Tie Fast Knot Tyer
Tie-Fast Magnum Clipper
Tie-Fast Magnum Combo Tool
Tiger Midge Jigged
Ultimate Hex Hatch Tour Fly Box
Yuba River Fly Kit
Yuba River Tour
Zack Thurman's Cut Bait Midge