Alan's Green Death
American River Shad Dart
American River Swinging for Steelhead or Shad Sessions
Baum Lake Fly Kit
Baum Lake Guided Trip
Baum Lake Tour
Big Bad Bugger Sculpin
Bird's Nest Black BH
Bird's Nest Olive BH
Bird's Nest Stillwater Olive
Bird's Nest Tan BH
Black Nose Brown Trout
Black Nose Dace
Bloody Maria
Burk's Hex Nymph
Butt Creek
Butt Lake Guided Trip
Candy Corn
Cutter's Goblin
Dave's Pinkie Shad Fly
Deer Creek
Denny's Seal Bugger Olive/Orange
Dry flies
East Park Reservoir Kit
East Park Reservoir Tour
Ecklund's Surf Fly Chartreuse
Ecklund's Surf Shrimp
Feather River Drift Boat Trip
Feather River Steelhead Fly Kit
Feather River Steelhead Tour
Float Tube Workshop
Fly Fishing the Surf Workshop
Fly Fishing Tours
Fly Kits
Fox's Black Caddis Popooh
Gartside's Magic Minnow
Graeagle Creek Tour
Gray's Indicator Leader
Gray's Indicator
Guided Trips
Hamiter's Bow Fly
Hex Hatch Tour at Lake Almanor
High Bridge
Hossinger's Brown Trout
Introduction to Switch Rods
J.Fair's Tui Chub
Jay's Wiggle Tail Olive/Orange
Jon's March Brown Emerger
Jon's PMD Emerger
Jon's Skwala Dry
Lafontaine's Caddis
Lafontaine's Caddis Green
Lake Almanor Fly Kit
Lake Almanor Guided Trip
Lake Almanor Hex Hatch 1 on 1 with Lance
Lake Almanor Hex Hatch Fly Kit
Lake Almanor Tour
Lance's Awakening Caddis BH
Lance's Black Sabbath BH
Lance's Carpenter Ant
Lance's Crystal Popper Yellow & Green
Lance's Cyclops Pond Smelt
Lance's Cyclops Shad
Lance's Damsel
Lance's Double Pond Smelt
Lance's Fireworm Natural BH
Lance's Fireworm Red BH
Lance's Flash Tail Whister Pond Smelt
Lance's Hex Bugger
Lance's Hex Nymph
Lance's Ice Tea BH
Lance's Mega Pond Smelt
Lance's Micro Frog
Lance's Mini Clouser White
Lance's Mini Green Death
Lance's Motor Oil Clouser
Lance's Peanut Hopper
Lance's Pond Smelt
Lance's Pond Smelt Gurgler
Lance's Popsicle White/Red
Lance's Rio Grande King
Lance's Salmon Fry
Lance's Swimming Black AP
Lance's Tiger Midge Black BH
Lance's Tiger Midge Red BH
Lance's X-May Black BH
Lance's X-May Brown BH
Lance's X-May Callibeatis
Lance's X-May Olive BH
Lance's X-May PMD BH
Lance's X-May Prince BH
Lance's X-May Red Riding Hood BH
Lanceís X-Caddis Tan
Lassen Stillwater Trilogy Tour
Lassen Volcanic National Park Fly Fishing Tour
Lassen Volcanic National Park Fly Kit
LGC's Guide Schools
LGC's Stillwater School at Lake Almanor
Lincoln's Stillborn
Lite Bright Minnow
Lower Sac Fly Kit
Lower Sacramento River Drift Boat Trip
Lower Sacramento Tour
Maholo Nymph Ruby BH Red
Manzanita Lake Fly Kit
Manzanita Lake Guided Trip
Manzanita Lake Tour
Mickey Finn
Midge Nymph
Milt's Hex Paranymph
Milt's Pond Smelt
Miltís Hex Nymph
Mini Mickey Finn
Mogoga Smelt
Mr Fox's Caddis Poopah Olive
Mr Fox's October Pewpah BH
Mr Fox's Poopah Cinnamon
Mr Fox's Poopah Cinnamon BH
Mr Fox's Poopah Olive BH
Nymph Kit
Nymphing Workshop
Orange Ruff
Our Flies
Pontoon Workshop
Putah Creek
Putah Creek Fly Kit
Putah Creek Special BH
Putah Creek Tour
Ray's Pullover Baetis Emerger
Rayís Marabou Cripple
Red Crab
Red Fox Squirrel Nymph BH
Rickard's Seal Bugger Black & Olive
Rubber Legs Black and Coffee
Rubber Legs Brown
Rubber Legs Brown and Olive
Rusty Squirrel Tail Clouser
Ryan's Shad Dart Chartreuse
Ryan's Shad Dart Orange
Sculpinozlia Olive
Sheep Creek Special
Shewey's Surf Percher
SI's Mole Crab
Siskyou Midge
Slumpbuster Black
Slumpbuster Natural
Slumpbuster Olive
Stanley's Streamer Brown Trout
Stanley's Streamer Chum
Stanley's Streamer Lance's Almanor Special
Stanley's Streamer Rainbow Trout
Steelhead and Shad
Steelhead School
Streamer Kit
Streamer Workshop
Streamside Accessories
Switch and Spey Rod School
Tenkara Workshop
The Drift Boat Guide School
The Guide School
The Stillwater Guide School
The Switch & Spey Guide School
Tie Fast Knot Tyer
Tie Fast Line Clipper
Tie-Fast Magnum Clipper
Tie-Fast Magnum Combo Tool
Toddís Hex Nymph
Upper Sac Kit
Upper Sac Tour
WD 40 Black
WD 40 Gray
White/Chartruse Clouser Minnow
White/Gray Clouser Minnow
White/Olive Clouser Minnow
Whitlock's Soft Shell Crayfish
Yuba River Fly Kit
Yuba River Tour
Yuba River Walk and Wade