Float Tube Workshop

Float Tube Workshop
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The Float Tube Workshop is perfect for the angler looking to expand their angling experience by utilizing a float tube. Tubes have gone through a huge change in the last 25 years. The beginning tubes where tire tubes with a very primitive cover. Not to mention they were very uncomfortable to sit in. Peter Ross of Woodriver was the first designer who basically stepped outside the square and built float tubes that where open. The U boat was born. Many boats since have been designed with Peter's thoughts in mind. The boats are getting physically lighter, more durable and easy to maintain.

This workshop will teach students how to use a boat in a safe manner. Kicking, turning and fishing techniques all will be taught during the eight hour class. Gaining confidence with a boat and using it in a real world venue is the only way to learn how to use these great tools.

All workshops are taught by one instructor per every three enrolled students. Cost is $125 per student.

Outcast Float Tubes and fins, are all inclusive however, wading gear is not.

Lakeside lunches, beverages, and snacks are provided.

Students may bring their own equipment if they wish.

Students must possess a valid California fishing license.