Float and Fly Morning Dawn

Float and Fly Morning Dawn
Item# Float-And-Fly-Morning-Dawn

Product Description

The float and fly tactic has been around for a couple of years. It all started with guides and fly tiers that where fishing for bass during the winter months. Zack Thurman, Hogan Brown, Tom Page, Chuck Ragan, Ryan Williams and many others developed this great tactic and flies to go with it. Rigging the float and fly is really easy. You use a indicator rig that can be fished down to about 12 feet. I use my Gray's Indicator Leader (Go see it on the accessories page). The indicator leader is setup for a 7 foot drop. So you can add tippet from the barrel swivel and add your fly to the depth of where you want to fish. Many anglers use a depth finder to find the fish and then they simply cast out and like the rig with the fly do the work. Our Float and Flies are Zack Thurman's creations. They are the best float and flies!!