Entomology & Eggology Workshop

Entomology & Eggology Workshop
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Have you ever opened your fly box and looked at all the flies you have collected over the years and wondered to yourself what insect does that fly represent? The Entomology & Eggology Workshop will answer that for you. This workshop marries the natural insect to the flies that are in your own fly box.

The class will cover the complete family of insects and their lifecycles. We will cover mayflies, terrestrials, stones and caddis flies. We will give you an overview of the insect world, then breakdown each section in terminology easy to understand. We will wader up and explore the water to gather insects. We will discuss all the different insects we gather. Examining the insect and cross referencing with the flies in your fly box. Its a well-rounded workshop that educates the student to be able to identify different types of insects and to be able to make a proper fly selection for that insect.

Eggology the study of salmon eggs is a LGC staple. We have been teaching "Eggology" for years. Just like insects - matching the right egg at the right time is key. This little workshop will teach you everything you need to know about eggs and fry!

This workshop is taught by one instructor per every four enrolled students...cost is $65 per student for the morning workshop.