Dry Fly Workshop

Dry Fly Workshop
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The LGC Dry Fly Workshop is solely about dry fly fishing. We work on downstream, upstream, over and up, and a high stick presentations. We breakdown each presentation and go over when we use each one on the water. We go over rods, lines and leaders. Each student that attends the workshop will build their own leader that they will use throughout the day. We go over fly selection, matching the hatch and using fly floatant properly. The course like all of the LGC workshops are to give the student fly fisher confidence in their new learn abilities and to give each student hands on experience on the water.

Dry Fly Workshop is held at the Yuba River.

All workshops are taught by one instructor per every three enrolled students, cost is $85 per student for the 1/2 day workshop.

Rods, reels, flies, leaders, and indicators are all inclusive however, wading gear is not.

Students may bring their own equipment if they wish.

Students must possess a valid California fishing license and Steelhead Card.